Based on the Classic 1986 game Arkanoid.  All original 35 levels have been recreated with the addition of 30 more DX levels and several new bricks and power ups which can be now be combined.
Recently added 64 Revenge of the Doh levels and allowed for multiple custom level wads.
Use your Vaus to deflect your Energy Ball to destroy the blocks a defeat the Doh.
Now includes 32 Arkanoid Tournament levels.


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  • 16 Power Ups
  • 35 of the original levels.
  • 32 Arkanoid Tournament levels.
  • 30 new Dx Levels.
  • 8 Enemy Types plus the Doh
  • 19 Block Types
  • Built Level Editor,
Screen Shots

Power ups

  • Slow slows down the speed of the energy bolt.





  • Catch enables you to glue the bolt to your Vaus.
  • Expand expands the Vaus craft.
  • Disrupt splits the energy bolt into three separate energy bolts.
  • Laser arms your Vaus with a laser allowing it to shoot bricks and aliens.
  • Exit opens the warp gates allowing you to pass to the next round.
  • Life awards you an extra life.
  • Reduce reduces the Vause craft.
  • Mega Ball enables the bolt to smash though any but indestructable blocks.
  • Accelerates the bolt to high velocity
  • Illusion leaves a ghost Trail behind the Vaus which will deflect the energy bolt.
  • Orbit cause all energy bolts to orbit from left to right.
  • Twin created a mirror Vaus above your Vaus ship.
  • Random adds any power up type.
  • Mega Laser makes the Vaus rapidly shoot mini energy bolts for a short time.
  • Electric Fence creates a barrier preventing the energy bolt to leave the arena.



  • White = 50 pts.
  • Orange= 60 pts.  
  • Sky Blue= 70 pts.
  • Green = 80 pts.
  • Red = 90 pts.
  • Blue = 100 pts.
  • Pink = 110 pts.
  • Yellow = 120 pts.
  • Silver = 50 pts multiplied by round number.
  • Black =  75 pts multiplied by round number.
  • Gold is Indestructible.
  • Regen Silver = 50 pts multiplied by round number and can regenerate.
  • Regen Black = 75 pts multiplied by round number and can regenerate.
  • Silver Swap = 50 pts and swaps with brick to left or right.
  • Gold Swap is Indestructible and swaps with brick to left or right.
  • BlueSwap = 100 pts and swaps with brick to left or right.
  • Teleport teleports the ball from any other teleporter brick.
  • Transmit randomly moves to any other available location.
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